Insolvency & Advisory Services

In difficult times, getting the right advice is paramount. Jamieson Louttit and Associates Sydney are specialists in advisory and the strategic planning of a solution for companies experiencing financial distress. Jamieson Louttit & Associates can provide a broad range of tailor-made insolvency and advisory services to financially stressed companies including:

  • Appointment as official liquidator for business or asset liquidations.

  • Development of crisis management strategies and insolvency planning.

  • Dealing with the courts in relation to a broad range of insolvency matters.

  • Creditor services – representing clients at creditors meetings and assisting clients
    with the mitigation of claims.

  • Provision of independent reports on the recoverability of debts.

  • Litigation support and providing independent reports.

  • Providing assistance with post sale warranty claims.

  • Providing expert witness statements during litigation.

  • Tax advice in relation to insolvency matters and tax investigations.

Experiencing financial difficulties?