Crisis Management

Jamieson Louttit & Associates can assist in the general restructuring of a company, and more specifically, in performing Members Voluntary Liquidations (cleaning-up company structures).

A Members' Voluntary Liquidation involves winding up a solvent company that can pay its debts as and when they fall due.

This can relate to cleaning up complicated group structures and/or dormant companies no longer required that are incurring unnecessary and costly ongoing annual compliance costs.

Generally it is a result of:

  • The sale of a business resulting in the company no longer being required.
  • Acquisition of a company with dormant subsidiaries.

Jamieson Louttit & Associates is a specialist firm that works with your existing internal and external accountants and auditors to achieve the best possible result. Whilst Jamieson Louttit holds the qualifications of a Master of Taxation Law, we do not do taxation or auditing.

Jamieson Louttit is a Registered Company Liquidator and can assist with:

  • The preparation of all minutes of meetings.
  • Declaration of Solvency and all other documentation necessary.
  • Tax clearances.

The process involves members resolving by special resolution to appoint a Liquidator by consent and placing the company into Liquidation.

Taxation and stamp duty issues, which can impact the shareholders upon the distributions, should be considered prior to commencing the winding up.

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